Seferoğlu Electric also continues with its production activities at its factory having area of 7.500 square meters located in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. Within the factory, production of low voltage switchboards is being carried out in coopera- tion with Schneider Electric Global for the past 20 years. At the same time, by means of an agreement signed with Schneider Electric Global in 2008, production of Blokset Low Voltage Switchboard is made in Turkey and sales of Blokset Low Voltage Switchboard is made in national and international market. Seferoğlu Elektrik’s products are amongst pioneering products in global and domestic market as having CE, ISO 9001 certification.

If You Have Something Unique Then You Can Make a Difference

  • Always prepared for the future and resiliant against uncertainties arising from competition, different from its competitors with its specialization in the area it focuses on.
  • Having diversified customer portfolio based on long term, solid and reliable relations.
  • Dynamic, innovative structure enabling adaptation to changing market conditions with its informed, talented, creative, experienced and continuously learning management team and workers.
  • Comprehensive digitalization in area of design and engineering
  • Flexible structure enabling prompt adaptation to changes regarding customer requirements, on-site support and uninterrupted service.
  • Superior competitive power in global market.
  • Being in compliance with global standards in each stage of production and application and increasing business volume by keeping quality at the forefront.